of the wooden door and furniture

shallow tyrosinance, elm, willow, core dark grayish brown; sapwood gray, brown core material; Huai wood, sapwood yellow white, dark grey core material Fraxinus mandshurica; sapwood, light brown, light brown core, but slightly deeper than sapwood; sapwood yellowish, white oak, with brown, dark brown core material; peach wood, sapwood gray leucorrhea brown, grayish brown yellow core material;

flowers, sapwood pale yellow, yellow core material.     two, 1, how to choose the color of wooden doors, wooden doors of the color and harmony as the main color in the room interior is light colored, should be selected such as white oak, mixed oil and other cool colordepartments wooden doors; when the main tone in the room for the dark, should be chosen as teak, Sabili. Walnut warm

wooden door. 2, wooden door color should be contrasted with the wall color, wooden door color should be a wall color to form a contrast ratio. If the white wooden furniture, so don't let the wall have some anti color collocation, some pale yellow, light blue wall decoration, it can not only make Home Furnishing space has a certain sense of hierarchy, will let you have the new feeling of the space. 3,

outdoor play decking

plastic window company

16 x 28 prefab shed

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