actual strength

sure also meeting to have actual strength, have dimensions, the innovation, company that has environmental protection draws close. Floor enterprise wants to do do greatly strong, still need to suit real time market situation changes. Have long-term development eye at the same time, accurate market fixed position seeks prefabricated wood deck stair cases exterior in big competition environment,

ability shuffles in intense industry in show itself. Poland becomes the 4th old furniture of world to export a nation On May 27 wave the report that tell a company, according to the report of indoor porch casual decking chamber of commerce of polish furniture manufacturer, poland already made the whole world country of production of the 6th old furniture and country of exit of the 4th old furniture. Polish whole nation shares about 26 thousand furniture to produce a business,

include 90 large companies and 330 medium-sized companies, obtain employment number exceeds 150 thousand person. 42.45 billion at present collect raises production value of polish fire retardent paneling 2016 furniture. Furniture produces an enterprise to begin to use robot and IT technology extensively. Denudation forest is sentenced 3 years half, punish 60 thousand

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