lawfully check the production

father lawfully check the production that do not have card, do not accord with standard, shoddy wait for illegal behavior. Man-made board and its goods sort are various, building a 2nd floor exterior deck include beaverboard, particieboard, plywood, joinery board, window of door of wallboard of woodiness floor, woodiness, woodiness. The personage inside course of study tells a reporter,

although mostly man-made board is not sold to consumer individual directly, but regard building materials as raw material, pass manufacturer, in decorating a company to flow into individual family. For example the product such as furniture of window of door of ambry, wood, wood produces manufacturer, louvered wall panels that open and close do not produce board mostly,

produce an enterprise to buy manufacturing data to undertake rework through upstream plank however. Accordingly, upriver man-made board function of product environmental protection, affecting the safety of consumer family environment and health directly. Brigadier of the mark after editing accelerates industrial eco garden pvc privacy fence suppliers transition to upgrade The change with the clearest standard after editing promoted formaldehyde to release quantity set limit to to ask namely. In the standard that implementing at present,

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