Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, wooden door security floor to know how much home improvement, kitchen cabinets and wooden doors are the two major focus. With the home improvement market segmentation, and now two kinds of main materials can be manufacturers or businesses tailor-made for the decoration. But the face of complex and diverse, different prices of products, consumers should choose plastic pipes manufacturer how to ensure the quality of clearance, the use of security? Specified grounds: artificial stone is the main material of kitchen countertops, from unsaturated resin, aluminum hydroxide filler made of the main material.

Below the safe floor price of the kitchen with Jiucheng countertops using calcium carbonate artificial stone, that is, low-quality resin, and calcium carbonate instead of aluminum hydroxide as New Co Extrusion Wpc Decking raw material, not only will appear color, deformation, but also volatile harmful to humans gas.

Choose the Weapon: see the details of the kitchen cabinet: the table is visible seams, if the saw plate, was dust-like, mostly calcium carbonate artificial stone; good man-made stone sawing after the block; Height of the door is neat; view the door, the edge of the cabinet processing, cabinet assembly between comparison reviews of composite decking brands the board of the way; check the smoothness of the drawer, cabinet stability, hanging cabinet hanging process.

Dividing the reasons: qualified sets of molded doors of the panel should be used fast-growing forest and finger material, the peeled, sliced, screening, grinding into dry fiber, mix with phenolic glue as a binder and paraffin, molded under high temperature and pressure The The door is very likely to use higher formaldehyde content of low density board or fiberboard MDF, not only the use of wood formaldehyde release more than the national standard E1 level, the use of heat cold resistant composite roofs adhesive is not environmentally friendly.

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