integrates wood production

Mu Guangxue's understanding of the situation, convened a team meeting, made the decision of the Zhang Xingwen out of the law enforcement team, and as an opportunity, the formulation of "the strengthening of the business industry of the construction of a number of regulations",

the industry's professional climate is obviously improved;In order to carry out the education of self-discipline and self-discipline, the author issued the relevant regulations, such as "the honest and honest government of Party members" and "the development of increase revenue and cut expenditures and extravagance and waste",

and the regulation of the thought and behavior of leading cadres of Party members.It has improved the ability of leading cadres of party members to pay their attention.Under the leadership of Mu Guangxue, the rutile Forestry Bureau has developed into a modern forest industry enterprise that integrates wood production, wood processing, resource management, management and management, and comprehensive development in one body.

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