Gengxu of domestic

develop as the Gengxu of domestic economy, the demand to lumber also Geng Xu rises, at the same time northeast forest zone bans together with cut down, this caused breach of home market lumber bigger, Private Courtyard Plastic Composite Fencing Kit this is necessary from foreign entrance more lumbers fill opening of fill a vacancy, the market space of Russia material is very vast.

Data show, former former times 10 years, russia Geng Xuzeng produces sawn timber of needle leaf material, increase production extent is achieved 37% , add up to 32 million stere. 2016,Diy Ground Level Deck Questions trend of increase production of Russia sawn timber remains the same strong, export volume is climbed continuously litre, city is valued after.

Birch of Guangdong market Russia is at present long 2, material of 4m, thick 5cm, all quotes 2500, 2700 yuan / stere; Camphor tree child the pine is long 2, material of 4m, thick 5cm, Best Composite Fence Material all quotes 2200, 2300 yuan / stere. What does the real wood lumber that suits an outfit have? Because environmental protection is faced up to increasingly,

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