Stainless steel seamless tube manufacturers trend

Stainless steel: stainless steel market this week, the mainstream trend of running the market, the market corner of the gap than the cumulative increase in the week in general 42-98 yuan / ton. From the stainless steel side, the billet trend is relatively volatile fluctuations up and down, ups and downs frequently, the current price is almost flat with Friday.410s hot rolled stainless steel coil But the stainless steel market is with the positive, price caution, so the price has been too high. From the transaction point of view, the downstream demand side is still not a good performance, but with the strong price, traders replenishment has increased. Overall, this week, the mainstream trend of the city to run, the overall state of mind cautious.Сталь 316l горячекатаная сварная нержавеющая сталь Most manufacturers and traders believe that the recent ups and downs of the market trend of frequent ups and downs, in fact, has laid the bottom of the market, short-term to determine the city will not be a significant decline in the trend should be to maintain this trend of volatility shocks. And the current market are reluctant to cut prices, very willingness is still relatively strong, coupled with stainless steel seamless tube on the market limited production rumors, the current market is still expected to further good.stainless steel pipe 304 stainless pipe Comprehensive forecast, the next week, the market is still strong shocks or the main operation. Stainless steel market shocks this week, strong, ranging from 32-87 yuan / ton range. Snail trend shocks intensified, coupled with the North stainless steel, snails and other related varieties rose significantly, driven by this, the bottom of the market price of stainless steel can still support, although the individual offer early loose, but with the external strong market continues, the second half of stainless steel Prices have also up, the current stainless steel market supply and demand of two weak pattern obvious, the terminal getting goods hesitant to wait and see, and the supply side of the East China and more materials.Alloy 1050 1070 3003 Blind Flat Aluminum Strip
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