Stainless steel mirror tube

Stainless steel mirror tube in the production of the time in addition to the need for its processing, we also need to press it, polishing and other technology, in addition, we also need it according to its material to its different degree of processing , Today we mainly tell you about it is the polishing process, it can be divided into polished and light two parts. Now the two parts of the process and methods are summarized as follows:Нержавеющая сталь Гофрированная гибкая металлическая труба 1, polished: stainless steel welding parts grinding the main goal is to remove the solder joints, to achieve the surface roughness of the workpiece R10um, ready for the light!Top level best sell carbon steel ball bearing ball Polished part of the general terms are: three processes: coarse grinding, semi-refined, fine grinding; three sides: two sides of a edge; nine polishing machine; twenty-seven adjustment agencies.16 ga galvanized steel sheet cost On the road into the polishing process of the workpiece inspection, such as whether the weld welds, welding wear, the depth of the solder joints are uneven, too far from the seams, local depression, docking missing, whether there is a deep scratch, Bumps, serious deformation in the process can not be remedied defects, if the above defects should be returned to the process of finishing. If there is no such defect, enter the polishing process.Business Manufacturer 430 Stainless Steel pipe Weight
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