kind of decorative materials

room simple treatment of the ancients often said: "no words, do the wind." Simple, in addition to the literal meaning can be understood in addition, in fact, this concept can be further enhanced and extended - can not do any Redundant decoration processing, only the function can do enough, small units to implement this principle. The ceiling is a decorative means

that can strengthen the style of the room, but it will occupy a part of the room space. Now we all know that in the small house do not do complex ceiling, or even do not ceiling, but simplify the top decoration can also simplify the material and color, regardless of the house wall with what kind of decorative materials or color, the top are the best choice for white

Tune, let people ignore the roof, so in the visual also play an extension of the role. 6. Tone harmonization, light color-based color plays a huge role in space, especially for small space, in the case of visual cramped, the choice of wall color is most important, because into the space, directly see the wall Surface, and the largest area of ??the wall, the greatest impact on

plastic wood effect gravel boards

denmark composite panel best grille

140 x 40 hollow plastic wood flooring


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