wood flooring companies have sprung

years, the strengthening of wood flooring companies have sprung up in the horizontal forest, with quality and cheap, the advantages of sound sales network,hog panel fencing pictures with swords horizontal forest floor to quickly seize the domestic market. To 2002, Henglin strengthen the domestic market share of wood flooring for the first time more than 40%, jumped to China's largest laminate flooring production base. Now, Henglin floor business practitioners have more than 30,000,[url=http://diydeckings.com/wall-panel/6064.html]plastic coating for wood floors[/url] the flooring industry accounted for the proportion of the industrial economy reached 22%. Henglin strengthen the wood floor is not only the domestic market, "big brother", has also become China's floor

exports of the "main force",white composite wall paneling the annual export volume of flooring exports accounted for the proportion of the total one-third. Henglin has become China's largest wood flooring industry in the production capacity of the largest, most varieties of color, supporting the strongest collaboration, the best production base of agglomeration effect. "In the small area, the scarcity of resources in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta,[url=http://diydeckings.com/diy-deck/6004.html]how to fix scratches on wood deck[/url] actually in such a short period of time there is such a high degree of industrial agglomeration, which is a economic miracle!" Facing the large-scale cross-forest industry cluster, Research of the State Council Economic Development

Research Center Market Research Institute Ren Xingzhou marvel.how to install deck posts and railings Homeopathic instigation "'Henglin phenomenon' to a large extent due to the government level for its industrial development of the correct guidance, this homeopathic instigation is the key to the realization of industrial agglomeration." Chinese Academy of Engineering,[url=http://diydeckings.com/pvc-fence/1252.html]wood plastic composite for cold countries in europe[/url] Zhejiang Lin Dean Zhang Qisheng said. As early as 2002, the decision makers of Henglin found that the strengthening of wood flooring enterprises from the phenomenon of monomer rose to an industrial phenomenon, guide and regulate the development of wood flooring business has become an urgent problem to be

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