Waste plastic recycling

Waste plastic recycling nine ways a new practical technology - waste plastics recycling fuel technology and process equipment in Chengdu to be successful. This waste plastic recycling plant with waste plastics, and thus the birth of the technical achievements in Chengdu, for our governance "white pollution" provides an effective and practical new technology. Production of waterproof anti-freeze.plastic duckboard flooring for trucks

To foam plastic waste as the base material, in the special formula and process conditions under the production of multi-species, multi-purpose indoor and outdoor building decoration water-resistant glue glue series of products, is a less investment, quick, competitive, energy efficiency The ideal project for plastic contamination. Aluminum plastic automatic separation agent.advantages of wood plastic flooring

Aluminum-plastic composite packaging is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other packaging. With the social progress, waste increased year by year, due to the combination of aluminum and plastic, can not be granulated, recycling nobody cares, can only burn, not only pollute the environment and waste resources. Widely used in interior decoration, ceiling, furniture manufacturing and so on. The product is not only beautiful and colorful, but also has a fire, water, corrosion, insulation, the same type, not aging, can be any curl and so on.convert chain link fence to wood fence

Recycled granules. The use of special granulation equipment, can be waste polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics through the broken - cleaning - heating plastic - extrusion molding process, processing to produce the market selling the best-selling particles. Production of leaking king. It is the upgrading of traditional waterproof materials, used in the house surface, like brushing a layer of glass sodium, closed fast, highly permeable, with a rapid drying, fast plastic, leveling performance, strong adhesion, resistance Acid and other characteristics, the service life of up to 20 years. And construction is convenient, all year round can be construction, without heating, a coating Serve.diy floor boat sunscreen teak

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