solid wood flooring prices

developed the aluminum foil process and patented. Later, aluminum foil solid wood flooring prevailing, get the industry's recognition. But he did not expect that this high-tech technology has been illegal manufacturers to use,building a fence with prefabricated panels as a means of deceiving consumers. Originally, a chance to shock Xu Bo: a friend to buy the floor paint scratches, because the original manufacturers can not repair, to support him to help. When the construction workers with a grinding machine grinding and found that the paint below the grinding and grinding are all rotten wood,[url=]waterproof deck systems in uk people[/url] there are many insect eyes. And then open a look, a large number of insects and rotting place with

putty repair, and with a deep paint and aluminum foil cover. Xu Bo greatly encouraged by the development of new technology, let consumers see clearly. After several trials and demonstrations, he used PEP transparent filmcomposite decking wholesale in ukraine instead of aluminum foil products. PEP is widely used in food preservative preservation of the transparent film, anti-corrosion, moisture, fresh, good sealing performance,[url=]hardwood floor vacuum[/url] the most critical is to allow customers to clearly see the back of the situation, insects, spotted at a glance. Although there are insects after the wood can be processed into the floor, but this floor level to drop, the price is low. Like authentic "dragon brain

incense" floor for 250 yuan per square meter, waterproofing under timber deckthen deal with only 100 yuan on the line, but manufacturers are still selling at high prices, to deceive consumers. With the scarcity and reduction of raw materials, solid wood flooring prices are climbing steadily, this year the price of solid wood flooring rose 60% over the same period last year. According to reports, with the progress of science and technology, pine, Italian Yang and other materials more soft fast-growing wood can also be made into the floor, manufacturers should be transparent sales.[url=]plastic decking for gardens fitters berkshire[/url] 141 enterprises to strengthen the floor, more than 200 related enterprises, with an annual capacity of

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