accumulative total imported

a lot of forest zone are prohibited gradually commerciality fell trees, especially the forestry wet ground that northeast big, small Xing Anling gives priority to, bring about crop of our country lumber to drop substantially, satisfy market demand hard, below this circumstance, to resolve the big demand of our country lumber, veranda white vinyl fencing increase the import demand to lumber in recent years, present the favorable trend of growth apparently.

Data shows, log accumulative total imported our country 2013 forty-five million one hundred and fifty-nine thousand stere, amount is as high as 9.32 billion dollar. The crop of the product such as door of man-made board, wood, furniture ranks world front row. Our country wood is opposite the price is low, quality has assure, external underlay panel satisfy domestic need not only,

also can get of international consumer love, the whole world such as Asia, North America and Europe 100 many countries import wood from our country, as a result of lumber resource scarcity, wood deck for outdoor patio to satisfy need, longer the in short supply that lumber of will many entrance makes up for raw material inside time.

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