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high cabinet, if the empty wall and then hang some jewelry or photos, will be too crowded in the visual. If you feel the lack of decorative walls and the lack of fun, you can choose the main colors in the room in a color of the jewelry or decorative painting, be sure to not too much in the tone, not because of more color to join and let the space messy. Properly reduce

the placement of jewelry, so that they are in the human body standing under the line of sight under the horizontal position, both to enrich the spatial atmosphere, but also reduce the visual barrier. 2. Appropriate choice of frameless edging mirror We all know that the mercury mirror is a good material to extend and expand the space; However, if used too much, or

use the place is not appropriate, it will be counterproductive, or become a practice room, Or become a senior dressing room. First, the mirror taboo used to decorate the main wall of the room, especially not suitable for large area use; Second, the mirror area should not exceed the wall area of ??2/5; Finally, the mirror shape to choose simple. Another point to remind

plans for the picnic table the use of synthetic timber

traditional korean outdoor platform

sound-absorbing wood-plastic panels italy

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