Uv door will become the mainstream of the cabinet door

Cabinets into it but it has been fast to occupy the home decoration investment in the head, it was said: a good kitchen, a good cupboard, enough to achieve a happy family life. A lot of home environment to plastic building board create space is to set off the beauty of the kitchen, reflecting the value of the kitchen. In addition, the kitchen design aesthetic tendency is more and more obvious, in the eyes of modern people, the kitchen is not only our cooking, cooking places, but also entertainment, leisure, friends gathering place

so it needs to bring us better Visual beauty. Is the so-called people rely on clothing, horse by saddle, the cabinet is the surface, when it comes to the face of the cupboard, naturally can not be separated from the largest area, spend the most money on the door, the current attach fence panel directly to concrete wall market door numerous, it is difficult to accurately select To fit their own door material. Since we should pay attention to "face", we must pay attention to the quality of materials. Visual beauty is important from the door material quality, aesthetic point of view, the paint door, crystal door, melamine door panels are popular in recent years, the mainstream home material.

But they can not achieve environmental protection, chemical resistance, resistance to physical damage, resistance to yellowing, high temperature, high hardness does hat wood to use for a horizontal decking not burst, no collapse, fire performance. People need is a healthy environment, the door is the biggest requirement is environmental protection, radiation protection. In recent years in the cabinet industry out of a new UV coating process, which is now the UV cabinet door, it just solved the general cabinet door panels can not achieve the effect, such as environmental protection, high hardness, corrosion resistance, radiation, etc., won the majority The favor of consumers. UV cabinet door it is environmentally foam boards brussels friendly to create a healthy, happy family life. Visible UV door will be the mainstream of the cabinet door.

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