the floor The Solid wood flooring products

after the surface coating of the floor The Solid wood flooring products are mainly used to classify the tree species.Mr. Jia introduced, decided to solid wood flooring varieties of factors are mainly raw materials and processes. First of all, look at the raw materials: early use of cloud incense, Dalbergia and other wood,

as easy to dry now has been eliminated, the current selection of wood in the air dry density, stability, resistance to deformation, swelling rate, etc. have a certain standard, Suitable for floor. Comparison of high-grade teak, fragrant wood, heavy wood and so on. From the process, the manufacturers buy the logs, the first weighing, dry,

three days after the resurgence, and then weighing. After the drying process is also here to lift the consumer a misunderstanding: water absorption is not the lower the better, the use of different levels of different dry areas. Installed in the Guangdong area of ??the floor, if the water absorption is too low, it will expand, will be Alice.

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