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a few days ago, in each big floor board sells, fights bacterium floor, Yakeli bakes lacquer floor, Without formaldehyde floor Wait for a new expression to emerge in endlessly.wood panelling systems used for road sign A few businessmen still allege the of low formaldehyde of floor product of oneself even 0 formaldehyde of . Concerned expert points out, do not contain formaldehyde so far about decorating material is nonexistent, can say even any one kind decorates material to exist such or harmful in that way, poisonous, have emissive material.

According to summing up an analysis, the wooden floor sort of market popularity has 4 kinds only: Real wood floor, aggrandizement floor, solid Mu Fu joins floor and bamboo floor board. And no matter be compound floor or real wood floor nonexistent product of 0 formaldehyde .

Think even us most the lumber in green forest contains formaldehyde, do you say to you can have the stuff of 0 formaldehyde? So Where is all sorts of pollution that how control the generation in decorating a process? Basically be to use effective control the step is logical use time, space to let them as soon as possible release, volatilize, make its achieve minimal generation, low pollution flesh wound is killed,export to composite embossment deck supplies as a result achieves environmental protection requirement finally. Accordingly, can say floor of a few brands only, formaldehyde content far under national level, it is building materials of green environmental protection.

The personage inside course of study expresses, 0 formaldehyde of is stunt actually, according to current workmanship, the floor realizes impossibly 0 formaldehyde , can say content of formaldehyde of floor of a few brands only under national level. According to the environmental protection standard of our country, release the concept of set limit to according to formaldehyde,buy foam wall covering panels the grade of formaldehyde set limit to in floor plank is divided into 3 level, namely E2≤5.0mg/L, e1≤1.5mg/L, e0≤0.5mg/L. Be in our country, plank reachs E2 grade level can, namely E2, E1 and E0 class plank by can be called environmental protection board, but as a result of consciousness of consumer environmental protection rise, e1 level sees more on market now even E0 class plank.

E0 standard is formaldehyde of the existence in allowing board, cannot exceed 0.5mg/L nevertheless, this is the highest content that floor level of; of top upper limit should be lumber itself aldehyde (content of lumber oneself aldehyde is 0.12mg/L-0.04mg/L) commonly, floor level of that is to say is 0.12mg/L.

0 formaldehyde, it is select material does not have aldehyde,cheap outdoor plastic flooring non slip production also does not produce aldehyde; to produce personnel not to bring any pollution and harm to environmental opposite in reaction process. From this we can give board of 0 formaldehyde such definitions: The free aldehyde in plank is less than be equal to content of lumber oneself aldehyde (be in commonly 0.04mg/L-0.12mg/L) . Plank of 0 formaldehyde mixes E0 is not one and the same, says tower above E0 on principle of plank of 0 formaldehyde a level.

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