wooden compound floor

But also has the advantages of the solid wooden compound floor--and good stability, pavement and convenient, is suitable for large area surfacing, saving the time and cost of paving, the pavement can also do it yourself.Bamboo-wood composite floor also has style coordination.

Elastic moderation warm in winter and cool in summer, damp-proof insulation and strong wear resistance and other features is home home, Villa guest house and sports entertainment such as ideal materials for interior decoration. At present, a variety of brands on the market floor, Really the floor of the green environmental protection more and more attention of consumers, and what is the real meaning of the green environmental protection on the floor?

Professionals provides us with a comparative measure of authority.Relevant experts pointed out: when floor of choose and buy, we should pay attention to whether the product is through attestation of Chinese environment mark and perfect the measuring system of ISO9002 international certification and IS10012.

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