grand strong timber

The near future print and distribute " 4 old team of safe production city lead industry of whole town timber the responsibility that wrap couplet discloses a list " , iron outside railings for concrete steps exert oneself builds system of liability of perfect safe production, perform safe production strictly " party card is the same as duty, one hillock double duty " requirement.

On December 28, 2016, full continent in Qibaijin of vice secretary of municipal Party committee guides city to install inspect bureau, cooperative area is in charge of appoint personnel is white stock made fence plastic right related meeting and fire control group the Naibomu that wraps couplet course of study, long Baomu course of study, industry of timber of member of the Imperial Academy,

birch emerges grand strong timber industry begins safe inspection. The responsibility of safe production main body that checked wooden estate company deep fulfils a circumstance,bungalow porch decking material hidden trouble of company safe production checks progress oneself, fire control establishment is deployed and construction of fire control passageway and from safety of personnel of course of study education grooms begin a circumstance to wait. The examination key that holds to a problem to direct unit of domain of industry of principle general key, stress,composite deck to combat the heat crucial link catchs hidden trouble punish as firm.

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