good luck that supports

In recent years, na Kang area closely around " main attack industry, break up 3 years time " development target, grab catch " a certain number of opinions " the great history good luck that outside deck floor coverings supports construction of base of industry of Na Kang furniture, produce effect of assemble of industry of harbor of city of another name for Jiangxi Province adequately, according to the fixed position that makes world lumber and furniture distribution centre,

aggrandizement reforms innovation, transition of thrust furniture industry upgrades. This area holds to " on north south below " " inside and outside holds concurrently long " ,disadvantages of aluminium in composite panel through inside outside earthing up, bring, annex weighs a variety of forms such as the group, carry on industrial move, be introduced energetically and built collect Ming Mu course of study, medium the exit such as yuan of intelligence household enterprise, aid promote foreign trade export.

2016, health furniture exports the forehead to exceed 180 million dollar south, handling capacity of harbor of city of another name for Jiangxi Province grows 300% . roof terrace flooring Industry of get through of this area exert oneself grows node, perfect industry expands chain, around fall cost, fill short board, through building strong chain of chain filling chain, formed garden area, port, finance, spray, drying, detect, research and development, be on sale, center of makeup of flotsam of content shedding and foreign trade service center,

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