diamond plate grinding wheel

The tools used are diamond plate grinding wheel, small size diamond saw blade, diamond cutter, diamond drill and so on. Grinding mainly on the shape of the workpiece after the coarse grinding, fine grinding and grinding. The equipment used is basically the same as the forming equipment, some of which is the use of forming equipment, the difference is the replacement of wood decking material singapore the forming tool for the abrasive, and some are using a special mill for processing. The use of small electric tools for the complex shape of the workpiece grinding.

Polishing processing and grinding methods are basically the same, the difference is that the polishing process used by the abrasive grain size is much finer than the grinding, polishing speed is also large. Cutting angle refers to the need to assemble fence panel composite paint the surface of the docking processing, such as the arc plate when assembled on the side of the use of double-disc sawing machine processing into a certain angle, to ensure that assembled into a round.

Inspect the profiled stone dimensional tolerances, surface defects and surface gloss. Packaging using wood or plastic products. Shaped Stone Processing Some process steps can be combined into one, such as arc plate forming and cutting. Some special-shaped stone processing can be done on a single device, such as CNC machining center, can be completed at Gazebo Roofing Ideas Fiji Islands the same time sawing, polishing, engraving, milling, etc.

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