man-made board

1000 dark industry groups of Shanghai group of limited company Fang Youyuan (Niu Cai net) , form expert group, produce respective advantage, craft of implementation lumber science,cheap ways how to cover your patio fence high polymer science, man-made board learns to wait for much discipline to innovate in coordination, the means that uses gum through double group share solved soja glue to use the issue with difficult glue,

pass the look look modified, modified that add model, increased the consistence between soja albumen element and wooden fiber and melt model to turn the result,wood plastic outdoor wall panel for decoration solved soja albumen element to cannot fill minute of play to stick the difficult problem that receives the result, in 4 feet × the success on product line of 16 feet beaverboard produces soja glue beaverboard,

the product of soja glue beaverboard that makes satisfies the each index requirement of beaverboard of the density in be being used about indoor furniture in national level GB/T 11718-2009,build seat on existing deck and pass new-style and mouldproof technology, enhance a technology, it is easy to solved soja glue beaverboard the problem of attenuation of mildewy, intensity.

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