Have 5 large dominant positions of real wood floor

Floor market passes old development, had produced a few brand companies that have extensive force. Nevertheless inferior floor also is in a few quality to mix of slash all corners of the country with all sorts of method all the time, and return practice gave of competence of a suit , consumer can not be deceived alertly a bit.Use Of Plastic Lumber For Retaining Wall Current, this kind of inferior floor cut Xi'an floor market to make an appointment with the cake of 10% .

plum charge for the making of sth. of ghost board is very coarse, draw a tiger with a cat as a model-copy

Making what brand floor headaches most is plum ghost board , alleged plum ghost board also calls floor of mountain fastness,regular brand rolls out a kind of new technology or new colors, these plum ghost board also in succession follow the lead of. The selling manager of a well-known trademark tells a reporter, manufacturer excogitates a kind of new technology to want to throw a lot of, for example to make the joining together technology of the floor more perfect, their research and development gives new technology to join in the floor chamfer of form of place gouge, the meeting after such floor joining together forms stereo feeling naturally, and avoided a floor to wear away, this kind of new technology owns patent in total national capital.plastic wood factory nigeria But taste newly, plum ghost board dispatched, charge for the making of sth. is very coarse, draw a tiger with a cat as a model-copy, essential 4 unlike, confound right and wrong, mockingly consumer. plum another characteristic of ghost board rises to be mixed namely the name with famous brand similar floor, go under sb else's name, borrowed, be modelled on famous brand product, ground of blindly follow sb follows in famous brand jian hou mian, can cheat can cheat!

is crisp core board is out of shape the most easily interstitial

The professional salesperson that occupies brand floor introduces,Composite Bender Board Redwood Bender Board San Antonio the commonnest on the market is crisp core board , base material uses make it of leftover pieces, leftover material, density board tree is planted in differ, base material even mix into is worn cement, price of this kind of floor exceeds petty gain, because appearance and normal floor photograph are about the same, the vitality in the market is the so strongest, but be out of shape the most easily also interstitial.

blames formaldehyde of flavour board to exceed bid badly

Current, inside the building materials market with a few smaller class, still can see a few have apparently pungent the floor of odour, common says blames flavour board , the formaldehyde content of this kind of floor exceeds bid badly.polyethylene bench ends for garden According to the report of World Health Organization, floors of these inferior aggrandizement wood all do not amount to mark as a result of its product line, craft, material, can increase its strength only through using cheap inferior glue sticky agent, because this contains the formaldehyde material that exceeds bid, and formaldehyde can be released continuously 3 to 15 years. At present this is planted plank already less and less, nevertheless consumer still needs beware of.

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