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Kimo> Nice post. It is good to know that we can agree or disagree without any name calling. Here is my point: I don think that POTUS is trying to squash the first Amendment rights, but I think, really that there is too much news being put out by the MSM.

Nov 3:'I'm a survivor': CU Boulder student raped by Austin Wilkerson goes public Aug 12:Petition seeks recall of judge in Austin Wilkerson case. But judges can't be recalled in Colorado Woman raped by Austin Wilkerson calls sentence 'light,' but found legal process 'therapeutic' Aug 11:Is Colorado's indeterminate sentencing law keeping rapists out of prison?Boulder's Brock Turner? Austin Wilkerson case renews rape sentencing outrageAug 9:Prosecutors seek prison sentence for ex CU student convicted of sexual assaultA former University of Colorado student convicted of raping a drunken woman he was pretending to care for was spared prison Wednesday as a Boulder judge sentenced him to jail work release and probation.Austin James Wilkerson, 22,

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