store has been reluctant

After the inspection of the construction team, it is considered to be independent of the quality of installation.So Mr. Chen is more eager to master the pro shop door-to-door testing, but I found the floor deformation from the March until the May, the store has been reluctant to send a teacher to the scene to understand the situation.

After many talks without fruit, Mr. Chen and a rich producer of manufacturers, the manufacturer let Mr. Chen still find the shop to solve.Later, the rich floor Anwar shop promised to send a master to the scene, but the condition is that Mr. Chen must pay 200 yuan, as the teacher's pay fee.

In this regard, the very dissatisfied with Mr. Chen: "and don't care about 200 bucks, but now they have the problem with the product, everyone should actively think how to solve the problem."experts do not rule out the quality of products, the Guangzhou Council and the Guangzhou Decoration Association experts all share the same opinion.

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