duplex stainless steel

Compared with austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel shortcomings are as follows:1) the universality of the application and multi-faceted as austenitic stainless steel, for example, its use temperature must be controlled at 250 degrees Celsius;Astm 304 321 316 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Welded2) its plastic toughness than austenitic stainless steel low, cold, hot processing technology and forming performance as austenitic stainless steel;3) the existence of moderate temperature brittle area, the need for strict control of heat treatment and welding process system to avoid the emergence of harmful phase, damage performance.430 Stainless Steel Coil All Thickness Cold Rolled?Compared with ferritic stainless steel, the advantages of duplex stainless steel are as follows:1) comprehensive mechanical properties than ferritic stainless steel is good, especially plastic toughness, not as ferritic stainless steel as brittle sensitive;2) In addition to stress corrosion resistance, the other local corrosion resistance is better than ferrite stainless steel;3) cold processing technology and cold forming performance is much better than ferritic stainless steel;4) welding performance is also far better than ferritic stainless steel, the general welding without preheating, after welding without heat treatment;5) Wide range of applications than ferritic stainless steel.0.7mm stainless steel wire 410 316L


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