Led work light into the water how?

All LED lighting products in the production process have been rigorous waterproof test, in which our LED work lights can be the highest water level IP6K9K, so generally in the provisions of the water pressure led work lights even into the water or can continue to use. But even through the water pressure test, but after the actual use will still have a small amount of leakage rate, but the strange thing is to drain the LED work light removed to re-test, in the non-working state soaking 6 hours actually dripping into the jeep LED light bars

What is the reason for the water test? To achieve a high level of water is often completely closed installation, which will lead to car led work lights work when the hot gas expansion problem, because the led work lights internal and external temperature deviation resulting in pressure inside and outside the lamp pressure, with the LED work After a period of work, the temperature decreases after the lamp is turned off, resulting in negative pressure, and the inlet is affected by the negative pressure.H7 Headlight Bulb Comparison

According to the principle of thermodynamics, the air temperature for each 1 ℃ rise, the volume expansion rate of 1/273, assuming a led work light in 20 ℃ rain and fog weather conditions, before and after the lights within the lamp temperature difference of about 80 ℃, will produce 1.28 Atmospheric pressure. When the light goes off the rain is not stopped, the process of the lamp in the rain washed down the temperature, the lamp chamber temperature suddenly dropped, resulting in negative pressure forced waterproof tape or seal glue under pressure from the weak / thin deformation, Lead to LED work lights forced absorption of gas, poor air-tight performance of the LED work lights will be directly from the various leaks inhalation of water vapor, the process is the suction process, by the inlet position, gap size, rainfall size of many factors, Especially for the better air tightness of the light leakage is basically concentrated in the suction process. The production of LED work lights can reach the current maximum waterproof rating IP6K9K, so the seal relative to the current market, the common LED work lights will be much stronger, inhaled water vapor will be less, basically ignored, will not affect the use of photos Dual Color Leds


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