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part two of the interview is below

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Thrift Shop, Macklemore Ryan Lewis' paean to secondhand style, just reached a million downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan. And Spotify says it was the streaming service's secondmostpopular track at midnight on New Year's Eve, behind Psy's Gangnam Style. But there's a deeper side to the Seattlebased duo: Same Love, an earlier single, takes hiphop and religious cultures to task over their treatment of samesex attraction, and The Heist was one of 2012's smartest and least predictable hiphop albums.

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People familiar with the matter confirmed that Vrabeck, who previously served as president of casual games at Electronic Arts Inc. And president of Activision, is leaving Legendary at the end of the month.Vrabeck was brought to the company by chief executive Thomas Tull with ambitions of producing content for the Web and mobile devices and purchasing a video game developer. Legendary in recent years weighed acquiring Epic Games, maker of the Gears of War Xbox 360 series, and Jagex, a British developer behind the popular online game Runescape, people close to the company said.

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