Enterprises need innovative flooring products closer to the consumer

The current flooring industry, the lack of product innovation, high degree of homogeneity into basic products to impede the further development of the industry, "chronic illness", flooring production technology matures [url=]Outdoor WPC Best Option[/url not only did not form an effective technical barriers, but further down the industry barriers to entry.

Many large brand new research and development, has a similar product soon after the listing, many cottage products only need to make a little change will be able to circumvent the problem of intellectual property rights, the patent system under the current legislation is difficult to play a role in the flooring industry . Large brand new product research and development has been imitated, cottage, also largely due to the addition of technology is not enough. Of course, this phenomenon is [url=]clearance vinyl fence panels[/url] partly because the domestic system in the absence of patent protection, on the other hand, the floor limit of the product itself is a big problem.

Today, the floor has become an essential home decoration materials, in addition to its own use-value, technology is also beginning to receive the attention of consumers. However, simple technology upgrades and personalization process does not improve many enterprises currently relatively difficult situation. In the communications industry, iPhone has been able to firmly suppress the Android system, not just a technical lead. From market research, we found that most consumers choose [url=]wood plastic exterior wall panel price[/url] to use Apple's IOS system because consumers experience better. The late Apple chief executive Steve Jobs has said that Apple is not just the production of mobile phones, but one so that all consumers feel cool stuff, all the needs of consumers will become Apple's product development direction, even if it is Some sounds unprofessional and even ridiculous idea.

Fully respect the needs of consumers, so that consumers are willing to buy your products or even sought In domestic flooring companies, product development is always entangled in the product itself, always wanted to make a breakthrough in technology or craft, always thinking about the upgrade on similar products, [url=]vinyl fence pool manufacturer[/url] but often ignored consumer demand for the product. We often say that today's floor market is a buyer's market, but the reality is that consumers still can only be compared in almost the same products, the reason for choosing the most is "cheaper than other stores," or "sounds better than other stores," rather than "this TMD is that I want a floor." Therefore, the companies want to build a differentiated product in the true sense, it may be lower point of identity, and consumers to communicate more, to know more about the needs of the consumer mind. If the production floor can bring consumers a dream come true, it must be a great thing.


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